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Manage your condominium efficiently and hassle-free.

Simplify managing your condominium with our integrated and intuitive platform for condominium administration and financial services, along with an app for residents.

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Why choose ap.controle?

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All Solutions in One Place

We offer a comprehensive platform for property managers and residents, gathering all the necessary tools for efficient and simplified condominium management.

Direct Connection, Efficient Communication

We facilitate interaction between property managers, residents, and condominium staff. With integrated communication tools, we foster a collaborative environment and clear information exchange, keeping everyone connected and informed.

Optimized Operations, Simplified Tasks

Our intelligent technology streamlines daily operations. From financial management to service scheduling, smart automation optimizes processes, enhancing productivity and reducing potential errors.

Discover Our Integrated Facilities

Simplified Bank Certification

A streamlined process for bank integration, expediting transactions and financial operations.

Integration with Multiple Banks via API

Direct connection with various financial institutions, enhancing versatility and efficiency.

Various Configurable Accountability Methods

Flexibility in presenting and organizing financial reports and information.

Optimizing Financial Management

Comprehensive Features to Meet Accounting Demands, with Necessary Flexibility in Organizing and Presenting Financial Information.

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Excellence in Support and Training

Personalized and Empathetic Support

Dedicated and human-centered assistance to resolve issues and provide help when needed.

Specific User Training

Customized guidance to ensure full understanding and efficient use of the system.

Suggestions Channel for Continuous Improvements

Opportunity to contribute to the system's evolution by providing feedback and suggestions.

Want to make your management more efficient?

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